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First Aid

November 30, 2018- This month's goal: Be prepared to give first aid while waiting for an ambulance. Many public places have a first aid....Read more

Thanksgiving Stats

November 7, 2018- What's on the menu this holiday season? Safety!The kitchen is the heart of a home. It's where your family gathers to cook favorite ....Read more

Emergency Supplies

November 2, 2018- This month's goal: Remember important items that may be overlooked when leaving your home in a disaster. Put together an emergenc....Read more

Prepared Power

September 28, 2018- This month's goal: Be able to safely meet your basic needs during an electrical outage. Create a Power Outage Plan Decide what....Read more

Adjustment Season

September 18, 2018- It's almost here, Michigan's most colorful time of the year! The time of the year every Michigander looks forward to, fall. Our weeke....Read more

Be Informed

August 28, 2018- This month's goal: Make sure everyone in your household can receive, understand and act on information received in an emergency. ....Read more