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Premier Experts

April 26, 2022- Metro is thrilled to announce that we’ve been recognized as a Premier Dealer by Generac; but what does that mean from the perspective of ....Read more

Generator Maintenance

February 9, 2022- Backup generators are an investment worth protecting. With the proper care, you can add 10+ years to your generator's life expectancy, an....Read more

Storm-proof Home

August 18, 2020- Turns out a tidy yard and clean gutters do way more than just look nice! Sure, cleaning your gutters and trimming your trees may not seem li....Read more

Prepared Power

September 28, 2018- This month's goal: Be able to safely meet your basic needs during an electrical outage. Create a Power Outage Plan Decide what you can d....Read more

Consultation Breakdown

July 10, 2017- We know that installing a whole-house generator is a big investment, and we want you to be aware of how easy Metro Electric makes the process ....Read more