Community Involvement

Giving back to the community we live and operate in is a vital part of our Company Values. These are a few of the various charities and organizations we’ve contributed to:

Angels of Hope

Angels of Hope, an all volunteer foundation, is committed to making a difference in the lives of Michigan children and those who love and care for them as they battle cancer. We realize that cancer just doesn’t impact the patient, it impacts the entire family.
Beyond the science and the statistics, the medicine and the treatments, are people, their challenges and their triumphs. The cure for cancer will be found in the laboratories and research hospitals, but the battle against cancer is fought in neighborhoods like yours and mine.
How To Help

Samaritan House

Samaritan House is a community service organization devoted to serving individuals and families within our community by recognizing their needs and mobilizing the means for dealing with those needs so that suffering can be relieved, dignity preserved, and love shared.

Help us feed the community by donating online today!
Your donation can be made in memory of or in honor of a family member, friend or other special person or group.

Leukemia Research Life

Kids Without Cancer is a Michigan-based nonprofit organization dedicated to funding ground-breaking research projects that are aimed at unlocking cures to childhood cancer.
Leukemia Research Life, Inc. (LRL) was formed in 1981 by a diverse group of parents with one thing in common: their children had cancer. They recognized the dire need for research for all childhood cancers, organized their efforts, and LRL was born. To date, LRL has raised over $3 million, specifically for treatment, diagnoses, prevention and, ultimately, the CURE of all childhood cancers.

Alex Brewer

Formally known as the Alex Brewer Golf Outing. Our goal is to raise money for cancer research, so one day there will be a cure.

Arts and Idols

Utica Community Schools Foundation for Educational Excellence. Arts and Idols