Garage Lighting & Power Upgrades for Safety & Convenience!

Whether your garage has old fixtures that need replacing, work areas that need more light and power, or you’re building a man cave, our Garage Lighting and Power Upgrade is a fast and easy way to modernize and update your garage.

Saving with our Home Upgrade Service is easy!

Step One:

Consider lighting & power needs, do you need more light or outlets?

Step Two:

Consider your fixtures from Metro Electric or your favorite store.

Step Three:

Call Metro Electric to schedule all your Home Upgrades and Save!

Consider Plug & Switch, or other upgrades and get the most value from your Metro Service Call.
PLUS Get a FREE 10-Point Electrical Inspection! THAT’S A BRIGHT IDEA!

Garage Lighting & Power Upgrade Options & Guidelines

Metro Electric can provide many standard lighting fixtures commonly used for garages such as recessed lighting cans and florescent fixtures. We do not carry residential lighting fixtures like those found at a retail store. Customers are expected to have purchased special fixtures in advance of service call. Be sure to check carefully when purchasing these items that they are the correct configuration for your needs. If we are unable to install your items, it may require another service call to complete the work.

More Switch & Outlet upgrades for your garage:

More Switch & Outlet upgrades for your garage: Visit Switch & Plug Upgrades

More Power! Add 220 or a dedicated circut for your garage work-shop. Ask for details.

Update your home and save with ALL our Residential Upgrades!