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Winter Storm Prep

January 16, 2019- When storms dominate the forecast, there are a few simple steps every family should take. Stocking up on non-perishables and minimizing outdoor....Read more

First Aid

November 30, 2018- This month's goal: Be prepared to give first aid while waiting for an ambulance. Many public places have a first aid kit, oxyg....Read more

Emergency Kit

November 2, 2018- This month's goal: Remember important items that may be overlooked when leaving your home in a disaster. Put together an emergency kit with....Read more

Prepared Power

September 28, 2018- This month's goal: Be able to safely meet your basic needs during an electrical outage. Create a Power Outage Plan Decide what you can d....Read more

Be Informed

August 28, 2018- This month's goal: Make sure everyone in your household can receive, understand and act on information received in an emergency. Getting ....Read more

Get Involved

August 1, 2018- This month's goal: Make your community stronger by getting trained and getting involved. Community preparedness starts at home. If you kn....Read more