Basement Flooding

July 19, 2022
Basement Flooding Feature Image

Flooded basements are a year round problem in Michigan, with increased risk from our large bodies of water and heavy seasonal storms. Chances are there’s someone in your life who’s been affected by flood damage- maybe even yourself. The hazards caused by water can’t be taken lightly, especially towards your home’s electrical system. Keep reading for an overview of what to do in case of a flood emergency.

Address your Home’s Electricity ASAP

Any water in contact with a live electrical circuit may become charged, and highly dangerous. All electricity connected to the basement must be shut down at the main circuit breaker or fuse on the service panel. Don’t switch the power back on or use affected appliances until a trained professional has evaluated the damages. An Electrical Safety Inspection from Metro can set you on the right track!

Keep in Mind

If there’s flooding in your basement or surrounding your home, minimize or avoid contact entirely with any standing water. Chemicals, sewage, harmful bacteria, and more can contaminate both the water and anything that it touches. In addition, flood damage may increase your exposure to carbon monoxide.

Flood Management

On average, more deaths occur due to flooding each year than from any other severe weather related hazard. Properly preparing for a flood threat, or managing the aftermath, will give you the best chance at avoiding tragedy.

  • Arm your Basement
    Investing in a sump pump is a strong line of defense for floods. They draw in water that accumulates at the basement level of your home, and will pump it out if the water limit is breached.
  • Generator Assistance
    A standby generator maintains power to your sump pump in the case of an outage, which is crucial to preventing basement flooding.
  • Study Up
    This article from The New York Times looks at important steps to take when dealing with flood damage. Being informed will keep you level headed in the case of future hazards.