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Fire It Up

December 16, 2019- How can I keep my home safe in 2020? Excellent question! One of the most overlooked winter heating tools is your in-home fireplace. It's eas....Read more

Garage Safety

August 23, 2019- Whether you use your garage for a work area or just for storage, Metro Electric is here to remind you of a couple ways you could improve this s....Read more

Faulty Wiring

May 20, 2019- The threat of faulty wiring to homes focuses on houses built before the 1950s. Why? Because in the 1950s, the electrical wiring standards were ....Read more

Power Lines

February 18, 2019- We are in the midst of Michigan's winter storm season. Sometimes these storms can lead to power outages or structural damage. Metro Electric is....Read more

Winter Storm Prep

January 16, 2019- When storms dominate the forecast, there are a few simple steps every family should take. Stocking up on non-perishables and minimizing outdoor....Read more


January 7, 2019- Understanding Fire Extinguisher Types This household necessity collects dust until the moment when you need it the most. Don't underestimate t....Read more