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January Home Prep

January 16, 2023- January offers an opportunity to start the year off on the right foot. Beginning the year with deep-cleaning, reviewing, and planning out y....Read more

Holiday Power

December 20, 2022- Holiday decor is in full swing! However, when it comes to large lighting displays, it’s important to know the safest steps to powering th....Read more

Space Heater Safety

November 17, 2022- Space heaters are commonplace during Michigan winters. However, if used improperly, these convenient heat sources become a dangerous fire h....Read more

Burnt Bulbs

October 17, 2022- No modern light bulb lasts forever- it’s important to understand how to properly dispose of any bulbs that have glowed their last spark, ....Read more

Garbage Disposal Care

September 14, 2022- Garbage disposals are found in most American households, often out of sight and out of mind. While they make meal clean-up convenient, it....Read more