After The Snow

March 15, 2023
After The Snow Feature Image

Living in Michigan means harsh winters with heavy snow, which makes outdoor home maintenance essential once spring comes around. While we may have a few more snowstorms in the forecast, here are some home checks to make after the snow has (finally) melted!

Check Your Roof

The weight of snow places strain on your roof, which is why it’s important to inspect it for winter damage. Look for signs of sagging, missing or damaged shingles, and leaks. If you notice any possible issues, call a professional to come and take a closer look.

Trim Your Trees

Snow and ice can cause branches to break or bend. When the weather allows, make sure to trim any damaged branches to prevent them from falling on your home or property.

Reseal Woodwork

Harsh winter weather can cause damage to the finish of wooden structures, especially wooden siding and decks. Look for signs of warping, discoloration, or staining, as these indicate that the seal on the wood has deteriorated. Make plans to reseal any trouble areas in spring.

Review Your Outdoor Lighting

After a long winter, your outdoor lighting may need some attention. Replace any burned-out bulbs, and clean gunk from fixtures to improve their performance.

Check Your Gutters

When snow melts, it causes debris, leaves, and other materials to build up in your gutters. Clear out any clogs to prevent water damage and make sure that your gutters are draining properly. Additionally, check that your downspouts are turned away from your home, so the water flows into the yard instead of towards the foundation.

Clean Your Outdoor Surfaces

Use a pressure washer to clean your driveway, patio, and any other outdoor surfaces. This will remove dirt and debris that has accumulated underneath winter’s snow, and give your property a fresh spring-time shine!

Don’t forget to research what outdoor maintenance may be most important for your home’s specific needs. With a little bit of effort and attention, you can enjoy a safe and beautiful outdoor space all season long.