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Fire Prevention Week

October 5, 2020- Did you know there are 405,000 residential fires every year in the United States? That's enough to burn down every house in the c....Read more

Adjustment Season

September 17, 2020- It's almost here, Michigan's most colorful time of the year! The time of the year every Michigander looks forward to, fall. Our weeke....Read more

Storm-proof Home

August 18, 2020- Turns out a tidy yard and clean gutters do way more than just look nice! Sure, cleaning your gutters and trimming your trees may n....Read more

Fun in the Sun

July 10, 2020- Although it may seem easy, upkeep on a pool requires a lot of time and money. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commiss....Read more

Summer Safety

June 10, 2020- Summer is finally here and Michiganders could not be more excited! Metro Electric is here to remind you to take a step back and keep ....Read more

Electrical Safety Month

May 15, 2020- The average American home was built in 1977. Many existing homes simply can't handle the demands of today's electrical appliances a....Read more