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Space Heater Safety

November 17, 2022- Space heaters are commonplace during Michigan winters. However, if used improperly, these convenient heat sources become a danger....Read more

Burnt Bulbs

October 17, 2022- No modern light bulb lasts forever- it’s important to understand how to properly dispose of any bulbs that have glowed their la....Read more

Garbage Disposal Care

September 14, 2022- Garbage disposals are found in most American households, often out of sight and out of mind. While they make meal clean-up conven....Read more

Household Dangers

August 15, 2022- If you haven’t cleaned out your toaster’s crumb tray in a year, take this as your sign to do so! Many common household object....Read more

Basement Flooding

July 19, 2022- Flooded basements are a year round problem in Michigan, with increased risk from our large bodies of water and heavy seasonal sto....Read more

Panel Recall

June 21, 2022- URGENT ATTENTION! 1.4M Electrical circuit breaker boxes RECALLED for burn and fire hazards. Square D QO Electric Panels manufactu....Read more