Electric Panel Upgrade Tax Credit

July 31, 2023
Electric Panel Upgrade Tax Credit Feature Image

Did you know you can claim your electrical panel upgrade costs on your taxes?

Starting in 2023, you can claim: 30% of project costs and that includes labor!

How to Qualify for this Tax Credit

Any improvement to, or replacement of, a panelboard, sub-panelboard, branch circuits, or feeders which:

  • Is installed in a manner consistent with the National Electric Code
  • Has a load capacity of 200 amps or more
  • Are installed in conjunction with, and enables the installation and use of:
    1. Any qualified energy efficiency improvements
    2. Any qualified energy property: heat pump water heater, heat pump, central air conditioner, water heater, furnace or hot water boiler, biomass stove or boiler

But don’t just take our word for it! Visit EnergyStar.gov.