Fun At Home

April 17, 2020
Fun At Home Feature Image

Are you running out of ideas to entertain you and your family at home? Worry no more! We have a couple activities to help spark some creativity.

Throw an indoor picnic:

Set out a picnic blanket and basket of food and eat your dinner as though you were having a picnic. Get out of your usual routine and make today’s lunch a little different. Events like this are often the catalyst for a fun-filled evening. For your own sanity, try to avoid a meal that consists of liquids, jelly or stain-prone foods.

Read a book, but with a twist:

The art of reading aloud has lost its popularity. Pick out a book that would interest your family and have an evening each week that you read the story aloud. Take turns reading out loud. Interact about what is going on in the storyline. This can be your own family book club! For those without kids, organize a virtual book club! Once a week, get together on FaceTime with a group of friends to discuss it.

Have a photo shoot:

Gather together some props and outfits and take friends/family pictures. Make sure each member has individual shots as well. Acting as a professional photographer, be creative in the photos you take. Take funny pictures. Take serious pictures. Take candid shots. The joy of digital photography is that you can take as many photos as you like and delete what doesn’t work. Make sure you add props to make it interesting!

Teach your pet new tricks:

If you’re lucky enough to have a furry friend right now, teach them to fetch or roll over!

Have a BBQ:

It’s always enjoyable to have a barbecue. You can cook up your food and eat outside (Michigan weather permitting, our course.). After you are finished, have a campfire and tell scary stories. Remember how fun it is to sit around a campfire telling stories? Enjoy the night sky. Most of all, enjoy each other!

Print out photos:

Your smartphone is likely loaded with photos you’ve taken over the years that just sit there and are rarely viewed. Choose some of your favorites, print them out, and find some beautiful frames to display them around your house.