Garage Safety

August 23, 2019
Garage Safety Feature Image

Whether you use your garage for a work area or just for storage, Metro Electric is here to remind you of a couple ways you could improve this space to be safer for every member of the family.

Small Children

There are many electrical risks for young children in the garage, and even with careful childproofing, the constant presence of electricity can pose many hazards — especially in the proximity of water. Make sure you have GFCI-protected electrical sockets installed in your garage.

Extension Cords

Never plug garage doors or power tools into extension cords, as they are not safe as permanent house wiring and using them in this way can lead to electrical fire or shock.

Hazardous Material

Non-chemical materials like road salt and ice melt mixtures: Keep these items stored in tightly-sealed containers off the floor and away from easy access, too, as they can be dangerous to pets and children.


Replace rugs, cardboard and other flammable objects placed underneath cars to catch dripping fluids with cat litter or sawdust. You can also paint the floor underneath your leaky vehicle with epoxy paint to repel oil.


Avoid storing propane inside your garage or within ten feet of your house (your grill, minus the propane tank, can safely be stored — but never used — inside the garage). Propane doesn’t freeze until -310°F, so even in cold climates, it’ll be just fine outside.


Install lights (professionally) over any work areas and stairs and consider adding protective metal cages around them. We make it easy for you — you buy the fixtures and Metro Electric will install them!

Keep a fire extinguisher in an easy-to-reach place, preferably near an exit.