Get Involved

August 1, 2018
Get Involved Feature Image

This month’s goal:

Make your community stronger by getting trained and getting involved.

Community preparedness starts at home. If you know that your family is prepared at home, you will be better able to help others in your community.

Isolated individuals are more vulnerable during and after a disaster.

Someone who doesn’t speak English well may have trouble understanding emergency instructions. People may also be isolated just because they are new to the area, or because their work hours keep them from meeting their neighbors. Help them make a plan for emergencies, and include checking on them in your plan.

Become a volunteer in your community.

There are many places to volunteer in your community (CERT, Red Cross, Neighborhood Watch, etc.). The American Red Cross, Salvation Army, and other organizations train volunteers to work in disasters.
Many communities also have a volunteer center or a Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP). These programs can find ways for you to help in your community that will fit your schedule and abilities.

It takes more than police, fire and EMS to respond to a disaster. When people are willing to work together for the good of others, communities are stronger.