Household Dangers

August 15, 2022
Household Dangers Feature Image

If you haven’t cleaned out your toaster’s crumb tray in a year, take this as your sign to do so! Many common household objects can become fire risks when they aren’t maintained. Check out the following list for more dangers to keep in mind and mitigate.

Used Rags

It’s common to keep dirty rags in the basement, garage, or kitchen. However, many common household chemicals can become hazardous when combined, even through trace amounts on a rag. Be sure to regularly wash any dirty rags around your house, especially between prolonged use.

Hair Dryers

When used consistently, hair, dust, and other debris will clog a hair dryer’s vents. This causes the appliance to overheat, wearing down the cord and mechanics. This wear puts the hair dryer at risk of malfunctioning and sparking flames. Frequently clear out any debris from your hair dryer vents to minimize risk!

Dryer Lint

It’s always important to keep your dryer free of lint buildup between every use. Any lint obstructing the fan becomes flammable to the heated air passing through. Lint can also build up on the outside vent – this should be cleaned every 6 months to a year, either by yourself or a professional vent cleaning service.

Lawn Mowers

If left unclean, dry grass clippings and other debris can interfere with a lawn mower’s functionality. Fuel vapors can get trapped in the hot muffler without proper ventilation. Be sure to clean your lawn mower after every use!


Grease fires are sparked by dirty grills. Scrub off your grill frequently- at least once every couple of months- during seasons of heavy usage. A wire brush works best to get off tough grease and caked on food.

Air Conditioners

Due to their continuous use, wires in air conditioners can become worn and frayed over time. These wires overheat and can cause sparks or fire if left unchecked. Having your AC cleaned every 3 months can greatly reduce this risk.


An excessive buildup of crumbs and other food bits can lead to the obstruction of a toaster’s heating plate. Any food touching this plate will cause burn and smoke, and has a high chance of catching fire. Cleaning out the crumb tray after each use is the best way to avoid this.