Leader Dogs for the Blind

June 13, 2024
Leader Dogs for the Blind Feature Image

On June 3rd, Metro Electric employees and their families had the incredible opportunity to tour and learn more about Leader Dogs for the Blind, a non-profit organization based in Rochester Hills. Over the last couple of years, money raised from the Metro sponsored Peach Festival 5k/10k Run has been donated to the cause.

About Leader Dogs

Leader Dogs for the Blind, initially founded in 1939, have worked to provide the visually impaired with all that they need to travel safely and independently. This is achieved through matching clients with guide dogs, providing white cane training, offering customized training to clients who are both deaf and blind, and more, all free of charge.

On their visit, our employees got to learn how the organization works, experience a ‘blind walk’ with the dogs, and see their impact. Beth– the director of Philanthropy for Leader Dogs– gave a wonderful presentation on the history of the group and how they operate.

welcome metro presentation slide
presenting the leader dog history
For the blind walk, two leader dogs showed our employees how their services assist the visually impaired. Such hard workers!
participating in the blind walk
participating in the blind walk
participating in the blind walk

Dinner was shared courtesy of Metro, rounding out a perfect evening. We’d like to give a huge thank you to Leader Dogs for giving us the opportunity to visit your beautiful campus and learn about your cause.

touring the facility
showing the leader dog logo

Get to the Starting Line

Proceeds from the annual Peach Festival 5k/10k Run goes towards supporting Leader Dogs – be sure to sign up for the 2024 run, taking place on August 29th. We hope to see you there!