Light Up Your Life

February 14, 2017
Light Up Your Life Feature Image
Do you feel like you’re at a dead end when it comes to buying your special someone a gift this Valentine’s Day? Surprise them with the gift of dimmed lighting and you will be sure to set the mood this Valentine’s Day. But in case we didn’t spark your interest, here are five practical reasons to install dimmer switches in your home:

They save energy. When you lower the dimmer, you are lowering the amount of power sent to each bulb, thus lowering your energy bill.

They make bulbs last longer. Delivering less power to the bulb reduces the stress on an incandescent filament. The less stress the filament is under, the longer it will last.

They’re environmentally friendly. Dimmers use less power and less power means the reduction of pollution produced by power plants. Longer bulb life also means throwing fewer bulbs away, resulting in less landfill clutter.

They’re good for your health. Studies show that dimming lights in the evening has health benefits when it comes to your sleep cycle. Dimming a bulb lowers its color temperature, replicating the effect of the setting sun.

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