Time to Upgrade

March 9, 2022
Time to Upgrade Feature Image

Should you replace your old appliances to save on energy bills?

Change can be scary, but when it comes to electrical appliances, it’s worth making the leap. Your old electronics could be skyrocketing your energy bills with inefficient technology; check out the following tips to learn when it’s time to upgrade.

Follow the 5-10-15 Rule

There are five major energy-consuming appliances in most homes: refrigerators, central air conditioning, furnaces, washing machines, and water heaters. The 5-10-15 rule helps you evaluate the energy use of these important appliances. At 5 years since purchase, they don’t need to be replaced. After 10 years, their efficiency should be carefully observed. When 15 years pass, it’s time to look into replacements.

Appliances that are 10-15 years old could be using 70-90% more energy than newer models.

How’s the Performance?

The more an appliance is used, the more it will break down. If you notice your fridge not keeping food as cold, or washing machines failing to thoroughly clean clothes, it’s time to start researching replacements.

Environmental Consideration

Old appliances often contribute to pollution and wasted resources. For example, old dishwashers require you to rinse dishes before adding them to the load, while newer models don’t. Not to mention, new models use far less water.