Be Informed

This month’s goal: Make sure everyone in your household can receive, understand and act on information received in an emergency. Getting correct information during an emergency is the key to taking safe action. Someone in your household may not be able to receive, understand or act on emergency information. Think about what special needs your  … Read more

Rest & Relax

Hot tubs are one of the backyard upgrades you can use all year round here in Michigan. But these complex systems require a tricky installation process. Modern hot tubs are self-contained, meaning you will not need any exterior plumbing in your set-up. The electrical set-up, on the other hand, requires a little more planning. Cities  … Read more

Get Involved

This month’s goal: Make your community stronger by getting trained and getting involved. Community preparedness starts at home. If you know that your family is prepared at home, you will be better able to help others in your community. Isolated individuals are more vulnerable during and after a disaster. Someone who doesn’t speak English well  … Read more