Shine for the Holidays

December 13, 2023
Shine for the Holidays Feature Image

As the year comes to an end, holiday celebrations are in full swing. Warm, welcoming Christmas lights decorating houses are a common sight. It’s the perfect time to consider what makes your home shine; and your fixtures are a good place to start! A fixture upgrade can transform the atmosphere of your home for the holidays and beyond. We’ve compiled a short list of benefits to help light your way.

Welcoming Atmosphere

Lighting does wonders for enhancing the visuals of your home. It often gets overlooked, but in reality, it’s the final polish. If your fixtures and bulbs are outdated, your home can read as dull and uninviting; which is the last thing you want for your holiday celebrations! Upgraded recessed LED lights with a dimmer switch will put you in control of your home’s atmosphere, no matter the occasion.

Fresh Fixture Savings

In addition to showing your home in a new light, up-to-date fixtures and bulbs can help you save on your electricity bill. This is especially true if you’re upgrading from fluorescent bulbs and fixtures to LED compatible ones. Technology is constantly improving to work more efficiently, and lighting is no exception. LED lights run much cooler than fluorescent ones, so they have the additional benefit of putting out less heat.

Style Boost

The look of your fixtures and lights themselves can change the whole vibe of a room. If your fixtures clash with your current style or sensibilities, you don’t have to settle for them. Pick out and purchase any fixture that better suits your home, and Metro will work with you through the entire installation process. You can keep busy with your holiday prep while we get your lights up to speed, fast and easy.