Thanksgiving Safety Checklist

As the warmth of Thanksgiving approaches, our thoughts turn to delicious meals, gratitude, and quality time with loved ones. While the feast takes center stage, it’s crucial not to overlook safety for yourself and loved ones. In preparation, we’ve crafted a Thanksgiving safety checklist to ensure your celebration is filled with joy, and free from  … Read more

Yearly Maintenance

If you’ve invested in a Generac generator, you’ve already made a substantial move towards the safety, security, and convenience of your home. Your next step is protecting that investment, by scheduling annual maintenance. Metro is here to ensure that your generator will run properly when you need it, no matter the weather. Over the years,  … Read more

Electric Panel Upgrade Tax Credit

Did you know you can claim your electrical panel upgrade costs on your taxes? Starting in 2023, you can claim: 30% of project costs and that includes labor! How to Qualify for this Tax Credit Any improvement to, or replacement of, a panelboard, sub-panelboard, branch circuits, or feeders which: Is installed in a manner consistent  … Read more

Metro: Live in the D

WATCH COMPLETE VIDEO On July 13th, Metro Electric’s very own Kristina Perkins joined Live in the D to discuss the top five generator facts that homeowners may not know! You can watch the full segment by clicking here, or keep reading for a summary. 1. Your wattage determines your generator size Generator sizes are based  … Read more

Summer Chill

As temperatures rise during the scorching Michigan summer, it’s important to find effective ways to keep your home cool without increasing your energy bills. There are various energy-efficient methods that can help you maintain a comfortable indoor environment, ranging from the optimization of your AC systems, to simple day to day adjustments. Keep reading for  … Read more

Electrical Overload

May is recognized as National Electrical Safety Month! This May, we’d like to focus on the dangers of electrical overload in your home (which is something to keep in mind all year long). The average American home is over 30 years old, meaning they may not be prepared for the power demands of today. Keep  … Read more

Cords & Pets

If you’re a pet owner, keeping your furry friends safe and happy is likely one of your top priorities. While many pet owners take precautions to keep their homes safe for their pets, it’s important not to overlook electrical safety. Electrical hazards can pose a serious risk to animals, who are curious by nature and  … Read more

After The Snow

Living in Michigan means harsh winters with heavy snow, which makes outdoor home maintenance essential once spring comes around. While we may have a few more snowstorms in the forecast, here are some home checks to make after the snow has (finally) melted! Check Your Roof The weight of snow places strain on your roof,  … Read more

Tackle the Attic

Spring is approaching, and now is the perfect time to evaluate an often-overlooked feature of your home; your attic! As a part of Spring cleaning, consider setting aside a weekend to check the insulation of your attic space. Depending on the state of your attic, there may be simple ways to improve the efficiency of  … Read more

January Home Prep

January offers an opportunity to start the year off on the right foot. Beginning the year with deep-cleaning, reviewing, and planning out your home care will set you up for success; and we’ve got just the list to get you started. 1. Prepare for Summer Projects Now Take the time to finalize any plans for  … Read more